Monday, October 29, 2012

The Raven + The Awakening

 The Raven - DVD (2012)

The Raven is a story about a madman who seems to be killing people in the same way as characters die in Edgar Allen Poes stories.  When his fianc√© is captured the author becomes more involved in finding out who this crazy murderer is.

I must admit to being unfamiliar with the stories, so that made this dark story a bit boring for me.   Thank goodness for Wikipedia, so I could find out what was meant to be happening in the story line.  I always enjoy a bit of John Cusack though.  3/5

The Awakening - DVD (2011)
Florences mission in life is too debunk hoax psychics who scam unsuspecting suspects.  Called upon to visit a school where a young boy has been murdered by the resident ghost, she finds herself getting scared.  I must admit to jumping a bit, but I was home alone and it was midnight on a Sunday night and the back door was open letting the breezes into the house.

I liked all of the actors in this British movie and the setting of the school was very remote and gothic.  The story didn't quite ring true for me, and I found the ending a bit weak and confusing.  For that I have to give it 3/5.

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