Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mariana - Susanna Kearsley

Mariana - Susanna Kearsley (1994)

The Shadowy Horses is one of my favourite books, so as soon as I got the Kindle, I loaded up on Susanna Kearsleys books while they were cheap.  Anyways you know the gist, girl buys cottage that she has admired since she was tiny.  Finds out about local ghosts, keeps seeing handsome man on horse.  Meets wealthy big house owner, owner of the pub, local handyman, psychic aunty.  Keeps going back  and forth in time.

I did enjoy this book, although some of the scenes didn't quite make sense to me, and the book does begin to feel a bit dated.  Especially considering a  thirty year old can buy a several bedroomed cottage by herself.  3/5.

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Janet NZ said...

I've just tried to buy this, but it is 'not available to me' because I live in NZ !!!!!!!!!!!