Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dearie - Bob Spitz

Dearie - Bob Spitz (2012)

I hadn't really expected this book to be such a big brick, but that's ok when you have a touch of insomnia at midnigh.  It was a bit of a dry start, which was a shame as it is such an interesting story.  Julia Child came across to me as such an interesting woman, who made such a change to the way we cook.

Central to the story is the love story with her husband, and I never knew that up until she first married, she had no cooking skills at all.  After moving to Paris, and getting some training, it was her cook books, and then her cooking shows that brought her into homes across America and the world.

I do remember seeing some show in the 1970s, but did not realise that she kept working hard right up until her 90s doing both live and television recorded shows, until her ill health caused her to slow down, such an awesome work ethic.

What a fabulous woman.  3/5.

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