Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Greys Anatomy

Dear Greys Anatomy,

You are beginning to p** me off,  with everybody being so whiny every week.  I work at the hospital, and although we do love to gossip, there is not  a lot of discussions about relationships at work, least of all over patients.  Staff come to the hospital to work, and help patients.  You two girls would be told off for your unprofessional attitudes, and told to smarten yourself up.

To tell the truth I have been annoyed with you for a couple of years.  What started off as a fresh and interesting series has run it's time, and now you seem tired, repetative and at a loss for any good stories.

At the moment I tape you and watch you later in the week, fast forwarding through the show to make it a tolerable thirty minutes.  This is your last chance ladies.  Pull your socks up or be discarded to the won't watch category.


Simba said...

Good points! This has been one of Mom's favorite shows in the past but she has been unimpressed lately. Also the inaccuracies of how hospitals function and what a residency experience is like are very misleading. The show's only saving grace is that it is not a crime/legal type show, as Mom is very sick of that theme (that Dad likes to watch).

Cottage Tails said...

We thought it had got a bit better this season. last season we were ready to chuck it in.
On ellen Tv it did a spoiler of who dies and we saw it waaaaa.
We got rid of sky tv yesterday sick of wasting $50 per month.
Love Leanne

Janet NZ said...

I gave up on these people a couple of years ago.... I want to NOT go to hospital... for ANYTHING... if this is what it is...
Who dies??
Who cares???