Friday, October 16, 2015

Big Eyes - Friday Night Movie Night

I have decided that this middle aged lady needs to treat herself on a Friday night - no more Coronation St for me.  Poor peoples tv has slim pickings on a Friday night, as all the hipsters are out mooching into their craft beers and munching on their paleo/quinoa/kale bites that they forget about us oldies at home.  Still I have a mountain of shows on the DVR and with apple tv access to a pile of movies,  popcorn is in the pantry and a cool beverage is ready in the fridge .

So this is the perfect chance to catch up on some movies that I had thought about going to see, but didn't find the time and at $18 to see a movie in town, it is half the price and with the comforts of home.  And I like the comforts of home - the couch and the fridge are cheaper than going out.

So Big Eyes is a biographical movie about the artist Margaret Keane who is famous for paintings she made of mainly girls with huge eyes, which graced many of our bedrooms in the 1970s.  Her artist husband starts by selling her paintings, and convinced that people won't buy lady art, makes her stay home and paint the pictures while he takes credit, telling people and journalists that is his art.

Directed by Tim Burton, the movie is able to hold its own stylistically with beautiful sets with lovely saturated colour and convincing street scenes.  Amy Adams is always a delight to watch, her shy and awkward portrayal of the artist makes it an interesting watch.  I like period pieces, wondering if a modern woman would stand for being treated the same way we see Margaret being treated.  How now being a single mother, she would be able to live life the way she wanted and have the success for herself rather than having to hide behind her husband.


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