Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Martian

I had a middle aged lady day out today.  It started out lovely and sunny, but with a brisk breeze that increased throughout the day.  I thought the movie was on at midday, but it was only showing at 3pm, so I took myself off for a wander.  I had a lovely lunch, a chicken cannaloni and salad, that was light on the chicken and heavy on the broccoli in the filling.  It was tasty, and I thought about complaining, but I would feel embarrassed when I had scoffed the whole lot down.

A bit of shopping for a couple of small items filled in a few hours before I headed off the cinema.  There were a whole 9 of us in one that seated 400, so we all got good seats.  Anyway, such a good movie.  It is always a good one when one actor can hold the majority of the story and Matt Damon does a great job of holding the story together.  3D is often a bit of a gimick for me, not adding to the story and often distracting me making me aware of the computer generated images that annoy me.  This one was not so bad, but I often find I have to stop a couple of times to take the glasses off as they are uncomfortable and annoying.  Certainly worth watching in the movie theatre, I think these movies need to be shown on the big screen.  5/5

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