Friday, October 09, 2015

Hope - Amanda Berry + Gina DeJesus

We all know the story now, of how three young Cleveland women get to escape from being imprisoned in a house for years.  In this book Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus get to tell their own stories, and it is a pretty honest and brutal, especially making me nervous about letting your kids know to never take a lift from a stranger, even if he is someone you recognize.  Delusional and controlling, this monster keeps these three girls chained up in his house, abusing them daily.

You have to admire their courage to survive to be able to see their families again, and to get on with living a normal life after their escape.  Especially as a female, I think this book resonates so much with me, as it tells the story of being taken by the boogie man, yet I love that these three women have each stood up and given interviews and written their stories down, taking his power away and reclaiming theirs. 5/5

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