Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Way We Wore - Daphne Selfe

In this little memoir, the author Daphne Selfe tells us about her life with her growing up through some of the clothes she and her family wore.  After some modeling in her twenties, she had a long and happy marriage and brought up her children, before finding fame as a senior model, and now in her eighties is more in demand than ever.  With her long grey hair and dancers figure she now travels the world for ad campaigns and magazine photos and is a much needed vision of woman that we need in the media.

I enjoyed her stories, such an interesting period to write about and somehow I wonder if there will be such interesting books from the youngsters now, if in sixty years they will be writing poetically about converse sneakers, skinny jeans, beanies and flannel shirts? 4/5

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