Tuesday, August 08, 2017

20th Century Women

This one played in the early morning at the Film Festival and was a good start to the day.  A coming of age film done in a unique way.  It is the story of Jamie who is 15, and his single mother Dorothea.  Living in an old run down house they share their house with mechanic/potter William and photographer Abbie, as well as Julie - Jamie's friend who spends most of her days and nights with them.

Dorothea asks the girls to help educate Jamie as she can sense that he is beginning to struggle with growing up and she is struggling to stay relevant.  An interesting peek into growing up at the end of the seventies, with the best boy fight.  Not a film for the kids, this more of an adult drama 3.5/5.

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John Bellen said...

It sounds like a good number of roles for an ensemble cast. When you have a good set of actors, those can be excellent films.