Friday, August 11, 2017

The Farthest

If I  had to recommend one movie from this year's Film Festival this would be the one I would tell everyone to go and see.

The Farthest  the story about NASAs Voyager mission.  Launched in 1977, these two small space ships were sent into the solar system to send back photos and data from distant planets.  It is fascinating stuff, especially when you consider the computer power that was available in the 70s.

They also talk about the golden record, stuck you the outside it is 2hours of music and messages, just in case there is some alien life out there.  The musical choices seemed a bit odd, with only one pop hit and lots of odd cultural picks.  Can you imagine ET playing a record?

It gives a fascinating perspective on just how small Earth is in a huge, huge universe.  The Voyager has made it now to the end of our solar system and is now in Interstellar space - the only thing ever to be out there, and may continue on  long after we are gone, and even after the earth is here.

Amazing stuff that may have even made me tear up at timesome and the best space movie I have ever seen 5/5


sallyhicks said...

You are making great use of your week off. You will I hope feel really refreshed after letting yourself be totally immersed in a life so different I do envy you. Will all these films come out on disks do you think. Then I hope on to utube
Thank you for giving us a peep into all these interesting books and films. Not that anyone could keep up with you. I used to be a fast reader but now I get tired so I only read in short spells.

John Bellen said...

Now this one sounds like a winning documentary.