Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Chalk Pit - Elle Griffiths

Ruth Galloway is one of my favorite thriller characters, although she may be a bit too involved in cases than her job would usually permit, the ordinary  parts of her life make her a believable character and more real to me.  I like that she is a single mother just trying to do her best, even when her patience with her five year old daughter and elderly parents is tried.

Harry Nelson too feels real to me, I get a sense of him and there is a good balance of his police work and private life.  Nothing like hating the boss, and having an affair to make detective feel conflicted.

In this book several homeless men are killed and two women are missing and everyone is wondering if there is a link.  I guessed who the bad guy was pretty early on, but still 4/5 from me.

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sallyhicks said...

That sounds the sort of read I would really enjoy. When I was young I used to get 6.books a week from the library. Now I am lucky Ro read one. I do write down the names you recommend for the fure. I was so exciteden I received all 10 volts. Of Pepys diaries in the mail.from Amazon As a r they will still take me forever to read but excited just the same. Do books give you thrill ?