Friday, August 18, 2017

The Secrets of My Life - Caitlyn Jenner

Most of us are aware of the story of how Bruce Jenner, Olympic gold winning athlete and celebrity transitioned recently and revealed herself as Caitlyn Jenner.  In this memoir, she tells us the story of how she knew from a very young age she wanted to dress as a girl and felt wrong as a boy, but it took decades before she was able to  change her body and admit to her family her true self.

You have to admire people who are able to step up and reveal themselves, faults and all.  I like her bravery in writing this book and and enjoyed learning her story.   I left with the feeling that because of her secrets that she hidden, her life has been lonely and largely unhappy.  I hope she finds happiness now - life is short and to be treasured. 4/5

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sallyhicks said...

I am really excited to learn a library 10 kms from me has Fragile Lives and while it is out at the moment I should get it in a week, my hub got tulip fever out for me. I read it years ago but all my life I have enjoyed rereading a good book. I seem to always find a point I missed so that will keep me going.TCaitlyn Jenner would be an interesting book although when I was really ill I watched her progress on th Kardashians and while I admire her gumption I don't know if I like her enough as a person to read this.