Thursday, November 23, 2017

How Hard Can It Be - Allison Pearson

I do barely remember reading the original Kate Reddy novel by this author, many moons ago.  Now Kate Reddy is back.  Her kids are teenagers, her husband it busy riding his bike and ignoring her and the elderly parents are causing problems of their own.  Her 50th birthday is fast approaching and so Kate finds herself shuffling all of her family round, as she has to head back into the workplace which is full of colleagues who are half her age.

Being the same age myself, I could understand her position, but I found it all terribly predictable and a bit smug and self important.  I felt that if I knew Kate, I wouldn't like her much and felt like I had to trawl through this brick of a book. 2/5


sallyhicks said...

Thanks for the non recommendation of this book.when you get to my age you need to be careful how you spend your allotted time. I am on DVDs just now. Really enjoyed Maudie and today in the mail came some lighter stuff which I really enjoyed. Green Fingers -frothy and light hearted and Keeping Mum which I highly recommend. I watched this years ago and enjoyed every bit as much again. Maggie Smith can never go wrong.

Angela said...

Thanks for your review. I half expected the book to be like this. So won't bother reading it!

John Bellen said...

It’s funny coming across characters in a book who are supposed to be sympathetic, people you want to cheer on, and they are actually annoying. I find those more in movies than books, perhaps because people don’t have to spend as long with the characters in movies. I wonder if the author of this book viewed herself as the character.