Sunday, November 05, 2017

Let Me Go

We went and saw this one on a Saturday afternoon, and for me it was a bit of a fail after being on call overnight, I may have nodded off several times missing major dramatic parts of the movie - although my friend also had a secret little snore too.  I do recall reading the book that it is based off some time ago.  Helga is in her sixties and travels back to Vienna to see her elderly mother, who  she hasn't seen in some time.  Her young grand daughter travels with her to have her own experience in the city. 

Instead of being a loving reunion it is terribly confronting as the elderly Traudi is proud of her past - of  assisting in Auschwitz in torturing and killing women and children, and deserting her own child to serve the Reich.  She does not understand why her daughter doesn't love her. 

More a Sunday evening drama than a Saturday afternoon entertainment.  3/5


sallyhicks said...

I think you were lucky that you napped off at the serious parts. It sounds an absolute horror of a film.

John Bellen said...

It sounds like a different take on those who inflicted horrors during the Holocaust. I suspect not all of them were sorry afterward. Even so, as a movie, it may have been a bit of a bore.