Sunday, December 18, 2011

Annie Leibovitz - At Work

Annie Leibovitz - At Work (2008)

I had been to see an exhibition of Annie Leibovitzs work both here at Te Papa and in London.  Her iconic pictures are so well known, that it was always a surprise to see one of a celebrity that I hadn't seen before.  I guess she has been taking photos since I was born, so there were quite a few that I didn't recognise.

I couldn't get over the feeling, that for much of the work that she was trying to justify that her work was hard - not just simple point and shoot sessions.  You can see the work involved and that for many of the sissions there were days of planning and set up.  Yet, I am sure for most of us, we would think that it would be a fantastic job to take photos all day.  In fact I do take photos, x-ray pictures all day  every day, but my clients are not celebs and most are not willing.  I also don't get huge rolls of cash for doing what I do.

I liked to learn the back story behind the photos, and each section was just the right size, not too long and drawn out.  3/5

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