Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Survival of the Soul - Lisa Williams

The Survival of the Soul - Lisa Williams (2011)

I have seen Lisa Williams show when it airs on tv here and I enjoy the readings she does for people.   She seems to radiate warmth and enjoy being able to provide comfort for her clients, and looks like she'd be cheeky in her off hours and enjoy a tipple and a big laugh.

I think though I am just about reaching maximum saturation with the medium/psychic books.  I know that all the celebs choose to live on the coast in Hawaii or somewhere sunny.  That when I die Mum, the grandparents and cats will rush out to greet me, then I'll get to see a youtube version of my life before I get to visit lots of rooms and sort my soul out.  Then I'll get to pick my own pad, and chill out til the rest of the gang gets there.  Sounds good to me.

So Lisas book, it was interesting, but nothing too new or surprising after all the similar books I have read this year. I did like her explanation of people who die suddenly, in an accident when the soul just 'pops' out of the body, leaving the person to feel no pain on passing.  I like that idea, it settles my mind.  Worthy of a 3/5.

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