Monday, December 05, 2011

Water For Elephants

Water For Elephants  (2011)

I really enjoyed this book after reading it earlier in the year, and regretted that I had waited so long to read it, as it was a treasure.  The movie adaption, well I had heard various things about it.  At the time it played in the cinema, I seemed to be working and never found an evening to go and see it, so I was glad to find it out on DVD so soon.

I found the movie beautiful, the scenes of 20s circus life in American small towns was well done and believable.  I was distratcted somewhat by Robert Pattinson, and the makeup they kept insisting on putting on him.  Reece didn't seem quite right for her character, the hair and costumes were good but she seemed a bit wooden, and there was very little chemistry between the love interests, very few lingering looks, secret smiles.

Still, once it comes down in price I am sure I will secure a copy to have and watch again at home.


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Sushi said...

can't agree more, personally i think robert the vampire is too stiff for his expressions, and the two of main characters failed to spark any chemicals between them.

I recently seen Remember Me, startng Robert the vampire, quite liked it.