Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The End of the Wasp Season - Denise Mina

The End of the Wasp Season - Denise Mina (2011)

This is the first Denise Mina crime novel that I have read, and already I feel I'll be checking out more of her books.  I've already recommended her to my sister in law who is always wanting to hear recommendations of new authors that I have discovered.

There is a murder in Glasgow, starting  an investigation headed by Detective Inspector Alex Morrow and her team.  I liked the story, it clicked along taking several turns which shows class.  I am often disappointed by many crime and thriller novels lately, as they dissolve into predictable CSI type drama - all flash with no substance.  I am beginning to loath a story where the main investigator/detective/doctor is abducted by the serial killer/murderer.  It comes across as lazy writing, unoriginal and totally unnecessary.

So a 4/5 - not perfect, but certainly interesting story and characters.

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