Saturday, December 31, 2011


Melancholia (2011)

So the last night of the year, and it has rained more or less none stop for 48 hours.  All the New Years Eve celebrations in Wellington on the harbour front have been cancelled, including the fireworks.  So me and my bestie escaped to an afternoon movie, and then a overpriced quick dinner in town.

Ahhh Melancholia - it descibes the main mood of Kirsten Dunst and the name of a planet, set for collision with the earth. 

In a nutshell - Kirsten has luminous skin, a very pretty wedding dress, a lovely brother in law - hello Kiefer, a husband who takes his shirt off a lot in True Blood, a mother who needs to be shot, an attitude problem, and a long long wedding party where there are few smiles.  Then she becomes cattatonic, goes to her sisters house, mopes around, mopes on the patio, mopes in the garden, rides a horse, gets naked on the riverbank, mopes some more and then collects some sticks.

2/5 - not sure why it made a lot of the years top ten - it failed to move me, and was a bit boring and too long but was stylish  to look at.

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