Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dying to Be Me - Anita Moorjani

Dying to Be Me - Anita Moorjani (2012)

Anita is in her early forties and is in the end stages of Lymphoma, when her husband and mother take her to the hospital.  Doctors admit her to the ICU, and although they do all they kind, they advise the family that she is likely to die very shortly.

Although intubated and in a coma Anita has a near death experience, and is able to recall all the treatments, and even discussions that were held outside her room.  She is able to recognise staff that treated her, and remember everything that went on in her room.

She also recalls being connected with her dead father and having a great sense of peace and wellbeing.  She is able to understand what has made her sick, and how to heal.  She is given the choice to stay with her father or return to her body, and sensing a need to continue she returns.

After awakening from her coma, doctors search for signs of cancer and are unable to find any, leaving them puzzled.  Many are interested in hearing her story and with the internet her story becomes well known and leads to a publishing deal.

I like near death experience stories and I liked here explanations about religion and death.  An interesting and thought provoking read.  4/5

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