Saturday, July 28, 2012

Magic Mike

Magic Mike (2012)

Mum had considered texting her bestie and asking if she wanted to go and see Magic Mike tonight, but thought it might not be classy enough for her.  Luckily - her bestie had the same idea and texted mum first!!  Haha.

They went and had tasty pizza at a new woodfire authentic pizza restaurant, and had a nosy around the bookshop.  At first the movie cinema seemed empty, but it soon filled up - with lots and lots of ladies.

Mum said the movie was a bit of a laugh, and surprisingly had a bit of a story.  Channing Tatum - well he is a bit of a star.  I kept thinking he would be an awesome Jack Reacher - one the ladies would like to watch, instead of Tom Cruise - bluch!!

Anyways, you might want to leave the men folk at home and take your girly friends.  4/5


Cottage Tails said...

I had thought it would be a bit too raw for me - but you gave it a 4/5 so worth a trip to the movies aye?

I owe one of my christina friends a trip to the movies - I did wonder if this would be a good one to take her to or not
Love Leanne

Janet NZ said...

I don't think I can forgive Lee Child for selling Jack to Tom Cruise :(