Monday, July 30, 2012

Farewell My Queen

Farewell My Queen (2012)

Today was my first day of the film festival for me and you don't feel guilty about heading to the movies at 10:30 am on a dreary winters day.  Building up my stamina slowly so that I can see if I can handle two or three tomorrow.

So, this one is the story is about the first days of the French Revolution.  Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis are holed up  in Versailles, but there are whispers in the hallways, as rumours of disruptions, starvation and hangings are beginning to reach the royal hanger onners.

 The story is told by one of the Queens ladies, whose main job is to read to her from her extensive library.  She is confused by the chaos around her, as she finds friends and confidantes seek to escape, and in the end feels betrayed by the Queen, who uses her to help her favourite escape.

I do usually enjoy me a costume drama, and the few gowns we got to see were amazingly done, but I didn't really enjoy this movie.  It seemed to jump around in it's story telling, and I didn't really connect with the characters.  Both of the female leads were awesome, but I felt that the others were a bit just thrown in, and a bit one dimensional.  In some places I could feel the direction, when the lead was in the hallway, and the everyone was milling around gossiping, felt to me a little like a school play.  For this, I can only go a 2/5.

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