Monday, July 16, 2012

Restoration Dreaming

I made the mistake of checking out the Restoration Hardware website.  I'm in love with the lamp in the top left hand corner of the picture, but the one in the bottom right corner could be my boyfriend also.  For sure they're not cheap, are too expensive for me and probably don't ship to NZ (I didn't even want to check and see).

So tonight I could dream about them, if I were lying under these two bed with either a Belgian Linen duvet or washed chambray duvet cover.  We only seem to be able buy budget duvet covers here in horrid combinations of polyester, sequins and shiny horrid stuff.  Bluch!!

A girl can dream.  If I win the Lotto I'm off for a trip to Restoration Hardware.

1 comment:

Janet NZ said...

Oh dear...
You are a bad girl - I had not heard of this place.... now I'm hooked. Their things are just gorgeous!!!
I'll do you a deal - if I win lotto I'll treat you... :-)