Sunday, July 01, 2012

I'll Scream Later - Marlee Matlin

I'll Scream Later - Marlee Matlin (2009)

Goodreads has made me have a huge collection in my wanting to read pile, as of last night there were at least 430 books piled up inviting me to read them.  I seldom just go to the library to browse, I do all my choosing sitting on the couch.  Cold and chilly nights are making me head to bed early to read too, which is much more relaxing than trying to choose what rubbish to watch on tv.

Marlee Matlin was a  unknown deaf actress who won an oscar at 21 for Children of a Lesser God.  I enjoyed hearing about her growing up and her career in acting, although I was a bit surpised by her being in such a bad relationship for so long with her co-star William Hurt.

I like that the memoir reveals what a normal person she is, that her head hasn't been turned by Hollywood fancies, that she lives a normal life with a policeman husband and four children.  3/5

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