Friday, July 11, 2014

The Promise of A Pencil - Adam Braun

Adam Braun was a lucky guy - he grew up in a happy family with many great opportunities throughout his youth.  With a drive to move forward, study and work meant he was making lots of money in his twenties working for a big firm.  However much money he was earning, he kept thinking about disadvantaged children he met while backpacking across Asia.  With 57 million children around the world with no access to school or education, he set out to make a change, to help communities build schools in some of the poorest regions in Asia and Africa.  It was this bit of the book that was most compelling and heart warming.

I was not so interested in reading about the fund raising, although  interesting  I found that bit a bit dull and wonder if the book was written a bit too early in his life.  It wonder what the next twenty years will hold for Adam Braun - I hope that there are more great things in his future.  I do like that stories such as his are being told and that we are celebrating some of the good people in the world, who reach out to help others, especially in our pseudo celebrity adoring society.


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