Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Let's Just Say It Wasn't Pretty - Diane Keaton

This book from Diane Keaton was a bit of a ramble.  One part wisdom about ageing, which I am sure must be hard to face in Hollywood, another part about being a mother to teenagers, part memoir and part real estate.  All interesting, but I found it a bit  self centred.  We get that she is sensitive about her thinning hair, but truly I don't think Diane has anything to complain about.  I do think that wearing gloves and turtleneck sweaters in the middle of a LA summer is weird, I get that she has her own style, but I think she has become stuck in it.  In the end I guess I just felt slightly annoyed for I felt that she had little to complain about in the looks department.  She has made a successful career for herself and continues to work.

Doing up the houses is interesting, and sounds like for the most part she has done well in flipping houses, but it must be unsettling as a family to keep moving, and came across as slightly schizophrenic to me, the constant need to move on.  2/5

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