Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Lunchbox

Hello International Film Festival - very nice to see you again in our city.  It is a sign of the middle to end of winter, and is usually heralded in by my annual winter flu (tick) and crappy weather.  Today you surprised us by being very sunny and warm, as long as you weren't standing in the shade.

This was a sweet little movie.  An about to retire office worker begins receiving tasty meals in his hot delivered lunch, and at first sends an initial note to the maker commenting on the first lunch being overly salty.  Our lovely neglected housewife, at first thinks she is making her lovely lunches for her husband, but realises that they are going to a stranger and so begins their friendship, with them communicating by notes put between the Indian meals.

4/5 and it is probably a good idea to combine it with a night out of Indian food for dinner.

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