Monday, July 28, 2014

The Noble Family

For me, often the best part of the Film Festival is not over reading about the movies, but just going to one and being pleasantly surprised.  It is also a pleasure to see so many films from around the world, after being force fed a diet of Hollywood blockbuster rubbish at most cinemas.  I am truly over super hero movies, Manboy movies (ones with Adam Sandler/Will Farrell), Monkey movies, Movies that have toys in them, and movies with 20/30 models playing teenage angst.    This movie, I knew little to nothing about, and like most of the people in the audience smiled and laughed throughout.

The Noble Family is the story of a rich Mexican family, where the father has earned millions, and his three spoiled children take everything for granted.  When a health scare forces the father to re-evaluate his priorities, he decides to teach his kids a lesson.  Telling them that all the money is gone, they are forced to live in an abandoned family home and all get jobs to earn money for food and doing up the home.

Like all good moral tales, it is not only the children that learn the value of earning their own money and about what is important in life, but if forces dad to see them differently too.  I sense a Hollywood remake coming on.  A heart warming 4/5.

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