Saturday, July 05, 2014

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North

What a clever clever book this one is.  The story of Harry August,  born in a railway station ladies bathroom as 1918 turns towards 1919.  The live he lives is set in stone - or is it? (cue the creepy music).  For Harry August is one of a special group of people, who are able to relive their lives over and over again, remembering all that has happened in their previous lifetime.

  Imagine the choices?  Would you break up with your partner or marry them, have children or remain childless, travel or stay at home, remember lotto numbers, invest in apple computers, fight or be a pacifist, study or work the land and how would these choices then affect the way your life turned out?  Would it change the world?

I couldn't help but admire the author for being able to keep to her story as surely the spinning plots must have sent her slightly potty.  I did though, have to admit to getting myself lost in various places throughout this novel and I couldn't help but being annoyed that our hero Harry kept finding himself in spots that I thought all of his knowledge could have helped him avoid.

Still a worthy 4/5.

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