Thursday, July 10, 2014

Year of No Sugar - Eve O. Schaub

The author is a writer who convinces her husband and two young daughters to try a whole 12 months without eating anything that has added sugar.  Having to give up cookies, ketchup, fruit juice and many other treats is a challenge for this young family, and I think she does well in informing us about the dangers of sugar - now the new poison of the masses.

I was reading other peoples reviews on Goodreads and thought that the reason so many people disliked the book was the fact that it was a bit of a downer.  It seemed quite sad and they didn't really find any joy in other food and drink options until they discovered the way to add dextrose to baking to make their cookies and cakes sweeter.  Much as I couldn't do it for too long, I would guess the way to survive would be to eat meat and three veg most of the time, and having fruit in place of sweet treats.   Seems simple to me, and is the way that many people eat.  I guess though for many Americans it would be tricky as they have so many more options available and sugary treats and takeaways are often cheaper than eating fruit and veg.  3/5

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