Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Downtime for Downton Abbey

Luckily I have had some time off over the festive season, and as the weather has hardly been tropical with lots of grey cool days it has been nice to sit on the couch and clear the DVR.  Downton Abbey played here over October/November 2014, so I had the whole series to sit and watch in one big bunch.  I had been quite surprised to see that it is only just screening in the US, although there are so many different ways to watch nowdays it is hard to keep track.

So easy to get sucked down the Downton rabbit hole, straight back to 1924, I am loving the clothes and fashions and interesting to watch the social changes.  How nice it must have been to be rich in those days although I would imagine one would tire of getting changed for dinner each night, and having to do what one was told.  None of us are any good at that anymore.

So if you are still to watch - I hope you enjoy!!!

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