Sunday, January 25, 2015

Three Minutes in Poland - Glenn Kurtz

 Glenn Kurtz discovers a family film taken in 1938, as his grandparents documented their holiday to Europe with friends.  Within that movie, is three minutes of film taken in one of their home towns showing local people and businesses.  Little did they know that most of the populations seen on the movie would be killed shortly in the next few years.

So Glenn sends the film to the Holocaust museum and is contacted by several people from that village, some of whom appear on the film as youngsters seventy years ago.  It is their stories that help to make this a fascinating read.  It makes you consider the terrible plight of the Jewish communities who were destroyed in the war, how their history and stories were lost.  Also it makes you realise how our own photos and movies may get lost over the generations as technology changes.   4/5

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