Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Hobbit

So I managed to herald in the New Year in middle aged lady style.  A couple of the besties and I ventured out on a typical summers rainy and windy New Years eve here in the capital city.  We went to a trendy bar that served miniature versions of food and high prices that had chefy ingredients in them that we didn't know what they were, and were too cheap to google.  Mocktails were the best part - woop woop we were living it up.  The best part was - we were there by 6pm so at least we got a table, and left before all the twenty somethings turned up, the girls in their heels and short skirts and the boys in their beards and skinny pants.

Then we were off to old person cinema.  One where we are usually the youngsters in the audience, although one bestie was miffed that some thirty somethings had sneaked in on our turf and stole our spot.  Anyways usually the young ones don't venture here as they don't serve popcorn or chips and we like it because there are ample toilets.  You see we have turned into those ladies that now need to go to the toilet before and after a movie. Thank you almost menopausal bladder.

The Hobbit was so so.  It was mostly a big self indulgent boys model battle scene which was bit over the top silliness for me.  The drama was a bit over done too and for me I was more emotional watching the ten minute short film they showed prior to the film.  It was film about all the actors talking about the bits they enjoyed during the making of the films, which took over 13 years and filmed throughout New Zealand, a lot of it in our city.

A little bit of me is still miffed too, that a studio raking in millions of dollars from these films would demand that our government and our 4 million population of taxpayers would have to pay subsidies to get the movies done here.  For sure it kept a lot of crew in jobs and has bought a great amount of tourism to our shores, that I get.  But truly - no one likes a bully.

So here is to another year of movies.  I wonder what we will see this year?  Happy 2015!!!

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