Monday, January 26, 2015

Working Stiff - Judy Melinek

Judy Melinek is a Medical Examiner who begins her training as pathologist, a mere two months prior to 9/11.  The majority of the book however, is devoted to the everyday deaths she sees in New York, and I admire her blunt and opens style to telling us about how so many people end up in the mortuary.  Her advice is pretty much common sense, don't do drugs, wear your seatbelt and don't do crazy stuff.

She is able to give us a glimpse of a real forensic pathologists work, the days of doing autopsy after autopsy, unlike the glam girls presented to us on CSI or Bones, or many other books and movies, who seems to cross over and be part time pathologists slash models slash detectives and swan around solving cases.  The real job instead is spent in scrubs in the pit full of bodies and smells.  5/5

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