Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mrs D is Going Without - Lotta Dann

So Lotta Dann is your semi average  close to 40 year old housewife.  Married to a tv journalist and with two young boys with a career of her own, she finds herself at 5pm or wine o'clock every night downing a bottle or two of wine.  Then at every social occasion, she not only drinks to enjoy herself, but is often leaving the evening to hug the toilet bowl and be sick from drinking and hungover the next day.  She starts to realise she has a problem when she begins to lie to her husband about her drinking and hiding the bottles.

So Lotta decides that enough is enough and this book, based on her blog follows her journey to stop drinking.   An interesting incite into how many drinkers feel.  Like a lot of people I consumed a fair amount in my twenties but now in my forties am one of those annoying people who are happy having ten drinks a year.  In all honesty I lost the taste for alcohol and would prefer something fruity rather than a wine or spirits.  Still I found the book entertaining and engaging, much like the author who I had seen on a televison interview late in 2014.   I am sure that there a lot of people who can relate to her behaviour.  4/5.

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