Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Golden Years

Boy it poured with rain today and it would have been tempting to spend the day off I had at home, but I had organised to meet some good friends to go to the cinema and as I had a gifted voucher it was nice to be able to use that.   We met a bit earlier so that we could have a bite to eat and due to the rain, the cinema was quiet so we didn't have to fight off the crowds to get a table.

Golden years is about a pensioner couple and their friends who are finding it difficult to live on a fixed income and after a fluke day out decide that they can easily take money from the banks.  It was quite an enjoyable little movie, and nice to see real pensioners in the roles, with real faces and not one bit of botox between them.  Like most UK movies, it is filled with lots of special characters and has the feel of a good Sunday night movie.  Lots of the pensioners behind us giggled the whole way through the movie and it did provide lots of chuckles.  3/5

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John Bellen said...

I looked this movie up on and saw that the cast was filled with numerous actors I grew up watching on PBS and in movies. They are all in their seventies now? Sigh. I knew I should have stopped travelling through time about 1985.