Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Girl On the Train

Today was a rainy morning, and the call of the discounted seats at the cinema were calling.  I liked the look of the Girl on the Train, even though I had not enjoyed the book too much.  I found in the book the shifting narrators and time shifts were a bit of a distraction, and none of the characters were particularly likable.

I do however like Emily Blunt and she did a great job in this movie as alcoholic Rachel who spends her commuter journeys staring out the windows of the train watching the characters in a couple of homes on her trips in and out of New York City.  With blackouts due to drinking too much vodka, she is beginning to lose her grip on what really happened in the past, and what is real and imagined.  Like the book character, I felt that she was not the nicest person and I got a bit annoyed at why she kept interfering, she was just asking for trouble.

A solid 4/5 for this movie, it could have had a bit more suspense and menace to make it a bit more scary.

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John Bellen said...

It's interesting that the movie still rated a four out of five, considering your remarks, but sometimes the whole is better than its parts. I have been debating as to whether to see the film, but I may skip this one, as the character doesn't seem like someone I could follow for a couple of hours.

As normal, a good, useful, concise review.