Monday, October 24, 2016

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

I remember when I first got to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I am sure it was broadcast on tv when I was around 10 or 11, and while the parents entertained themselves with cheap box wine and bad music, I got to sit by the box and watch the movie more or less uninterrupted.  I remember being mostly entertained as it was most unlike any other offerings with its talk of transvestites, sex and lust all thrown together in a punk like party and I must admit to having watched it at least 5 times since. .  It still makes me smile if I catch some of the original show on tv - but I must say I am often bored when I have watched the whole thing.  I am never a fan of any musicals - as I think the story is sacrificed for songs that seldom do a good job of linking the whole thing together.

I didn't really have any high hopes for the remake that was broadcast tonight, I had heard it had been slated by the US reviewers.  So I put it on in the background while I did some exciting chores like cleaning out the drawers.  Somehow it all felt a bit Disneyfied - a bit watered down as though the director and actors in order to show it on tv had to hold back on the sexy part.  Somehow though they got it wrong, as it seemed like they had watched the original and read the script but missed the point.  Maybe it was because the 1975 was quite shocking for its time and Tim Curry did an amazing job in his role.  I like Laverne Cox, she looked amazing but seemed to be lacking in sauciness and sizzle.  So I'll be sticking to the original version.

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John Bellen said...

I was never into "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" but re-makes in general are a bad idea. There is a reason why an original is popular. Unless there is a fundamental difference between the original and the re-make, there seems no sense to it, except to make money.