Tuesday, June 27, 2017

From Cradle to Stage - Virginia Grohl

Virginia Grohl is the mother of Nirvana drummer/Foo Fighter frontsman Dave Grohl.  She writes about Dave growing up and her experiences of seeing him play to thousands of fans around the world.  She then gets to meet mothers of other famous musicians and talks to them about their lives, and how their sons or daughters have managed.

While I knew a few of the artists, there were a few I had no idea who they were and I did get a bit bored half way through.  It seems that all musicians growing up were a bit hyper active and not so good at school -  which fits with most musicians I know. 3/5.

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John Bellen said...

It sounds like an interesting viewpoint for a book, but biographies of people who do interesting things or who know interesting people aren't always interesting themselves.