Thursday, June 29, 2017

Get Hard

I should have known better than to watch a Will Ferrell manboy movie. I had Loeb expectations going in, and they were met, i did record it though because I thought I could do with a bit of a laugh. This one is about a rich dude, who is facing going to prison and hires Kevin Hart to prepare him for the realities he will face.

So it was the usual generic storyline, except this one seemed to contain a few too many racist and homophobic jokes for my tastes and fell flato except for a couple of rare moments.  Obviously I am not the intended target audience - but I do wonder who is?  1/5.

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John Bellen said...

Will Ferrel's comedy usually falls into two kinds - one, in which he plays a very stupid man who is good at what he does and the other, in which his cdharacter isn't so dumb but is out of his element. He can do better, and needs more roles like the one he had in "Stranger Than Fiction". Even his small role in "THe Lego Movie" was good. But his comedies looki like a man just coasting toward a pay-cheque.