Friday, June 23, 2017

Middle Aged Lady Night In

Hello to another middle aged lady night in- its cold outside and raining here so it's leggings and sheepskin slippers on and leftover pizza on the couch.   Best of all free television is showing An Officer and a Gentleman. Oh my gosh- young Richard Gere us quite the sight.  I was only 14 when it came out, and it felt like a real grown up movie.  I must have seen it a couple of years later.

So it is nice to have a bit of 80s nostalgia tonight.  Who needs to go out to have fun?

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John Bellen said...

Mr Gere is not my cup of tea (Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts...someone along those lines), but I do love the 1980s movies. It's a bit melancholy seeing actors - anyone, really - who were young then and now middle aged, at least. It's even more melancholy when I remind myself that I'm one of those people!