Monday, July 24, 2017

Desert Island Discs Love

I've written before about my love for Desert Island Discs from the BBC.  It has been running for 75 years - each week someone is interviewed by Kirsty young and asked to provide their 8 favourite tunes which they would take to a desert island,  which breaks up the interview into manageable parts. They usually all talk about their growing up and families and no matter who you listen to, poets or politicians, scientists or astronauts there is always something so heart warming about hearing about someone elses life.   I had had a wee break from listening due to my ipod breaking, but finally gave in and replaced it last week.  So the past week I have been catching up on the podcasts as I walk around the city or I sometimes play one while I do my dishes or cook dinner.

Today after a visit to the library I enjoyed listening to David Beckham  who came across much more witty and entertaining than I expected,  Stella McCartney who was candid about growing up as Paul McCartneys daughter and having a fashion empire, rugby referee Nigel Owens which was very moving and the amazing Tom Hanks.  If you  want to listen to the show, you can click on the names above, and that will take you to the BBC page.  On the photo of the celebrity you click the little symbol on the left hand corner of the page and it should play on your computer. 

Do you listen?


sallyhicks said...

Thanks for that I will have a go. Not heard of that series. There is so much on the internet but unless you just stumble across it or someone tells you...... Anything bbc I find I enjoy.

John Bellen said...

I've heard of "Desert Island Discs" and am astonished that it is still going strong. I wonder if it's the longest running radio programme. I should take a listen; thank you for the links.

sallyhicks said...

I watched Tom Hanks tonight on this and really enjoyed it