Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Space Archeology

So tonight I got to watch another documentry about Egypt. Tonight's show was about discoveries made with Space Archeology.   Using satellite imagery and infra red filters are able to reveal unknown pyramids unknown until recently.

 Dr Sarah Parcak is the world leader in this field and I see she has a ted talk on YouTube that I might watch next - and the Internet tells me she was the winner of the 2016 Ted prize.

I figure this middle aged lady is never too old to learn stuff.  Maybe I could go back to school and study ancient cultures.  It is a pity I need my full time job to pay the bills.

Oh and it says it is 50 degrees Celsius I Egypt when they are there - far too hot for this Kiwi girl.


John Bellen said...

Yes, there are so many jobs we would love to do, or at least try, if we didn't have to have the ones we have in order to pay bills. Sigh.

sallyhicks said...

Yes,I watched that too. Amazing what might still be there to find and explore. I enjoy it so much. Everything about the Egyptions I find totally fascinating. The grave robbers were terrible but thinking on it we are doing the same. Perhaps it is lucky so much is covered in sand. I would hate the thought of my family being dug up.