Sunday, July 16, 2017

Grace and Frankie

I signed up for a months free trial of Netflix as it was winter, and I thought I would have more time for viewing shows with cold and dark evenings.  For some reason I seem unable to read at the pace I once did, although this comes and goes over the years, I find that I can no longer concentrate on a book for two long and drift off to sleep after a few pages.

So the first show I started to watch on Netflix is Grace and Frankie.  Both wives of two lawyers, who confess to their wives and families at 70, that they have been in love for twenty years, leaving the wives to have to start living by themselves and come to terms with the new relationship.  Grace, played by Jane Fonda is prissy and uptight and finds it hard to live with the hippy dippy Frankie. 

After all the 20 year old faces forced on you on free tv, it is nice to deal with a different demographic and to enjoy a family comedy/drama that is smart and witty and can cause me to laugh out loud on occasion.  4/5.


sallyhicks said...

Will see if I can get this on Netflix. Sounds fun. I signed up a while back but could not seem to find films I wanted. Will have anther go.

John Bellen said...

Though I'm not a fan of either Fonda or Tomlin, I know they are talented, and it's good to see veterans getting the opportunities they deserve - and it's nice to know that there are still tv series not made from comic books.