Tuesday, July 18, 2017


There seems to be a collection of documentaries on Egypt on free television at the moment.   Even though I have seen a lot over the years, there is still something so compelling about this ancient civilization.   Tonight's show us about the search for a secret chamber in King Tuts tomb.  Did it belongs to his step mother - Nefertiti?

You always learn something new and the treasures are beautiful to look at and have explained.  Especially with today's technology available, there seems to be so much being discovered each year.  Part of me wishes I had studied the Egyptians, Roman's or English history at University and became an author or an archeologist .  I am awe of those who are able to write extensively about these ancient times.

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sallyhicks said...

I too have been watching those docs. I have been fascinated about Egypt since a child. I have an album of photos my dad took when he was in the First World War. He then gave me 3 big book albums on Egypt and similar interesting places. What I would love to do is learn hieroglyphics. I do envy those that can do it. I believe there is a course on the computer.
I do get a little frustrated as I don't have a lot of patience and sometimes I just wish they would drill through the wall to see what was there. After all they did do plenty of that in the early '20s. I too wanted to take archeology but when I left school you had to go to England and my second choice to be a vet meant going to Australia. All much too daunting for me back in those days.