Friday, July 14, 2017

Middle Aged Lady Night In - Tomorrowland

Yup my friends it is another Middle Aged Lady Night In.   After a chilly stormy couple of days and long evening shifts, it was time to ditch the uniform and put on some comfy clothes and sheepskin slippers.  The candles are literally and the snacks are gathered.

I have a stack of things to read and watch at the moment and the DVR is getting full.  So for Friday night I chose to watch Tomorrowland.   It is a bit of a George Clooney vehicle that I am thinking is a bit hard to explain, even after reading the Wikipedia explanation.  

In simple terms it starts with Georges character as a young boy who finds himself led into an amazing future, full of flying cars and spaceships.  Now in the present he us a recluse, living in a rundown house full of strange inventions.  Meanwhile a young girl Casey gets her own glimpse of the future, and this leads her to George and then lots of chasing and explosions occur.   Will they be able to save the future?  Can they prevent the demise of the world?

I am not sure I am clever enough to understand the plot, but I am sure most 12 year olds could figure it out.  Somehow I think that more time and money were invested in the special effects rather than the plot or script.  3/5.

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John Bellen said...

I didn't find the plot or the story very exciting. I suspect Clooney liked the original idea and then it was tampered with by too many hands along the way to the cinema.