Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today I was lucky enough to get a day off, so after a few household chores and falling asleep on the bed while doing a soduko, a quick shower and lunch woke me up.  I walked to town and did a couple of jobs and then went to the movies.

It was the first day of screening here so there were a few people at the session.   It was quite the movie.  Reminiscent of the war movies of the 60s in its style this movie is the war movie we have been waiting for.  No need for cheesy patriotic back stories or crazy heroics, it is more raw and honest in its story telling.  With only limited dialogue it is the pictures, sounds and expressions that are used to let us know what is going on.  In fact I think it might have been 20 minutes before there is any conversations and I think that there were only 4 of the characters names mentioned throughout the two hours.

Worth the price of sitting in a cinema seat with the biggest screen you can find.  Young Harry Styles may have set the two young girls sitting next to me sighing, but I did like that there were a range of actors on screen that I didn't know were in the movie.  5/5.


John Bellen said...

Excellent. I was afraid they'd screw this movie up, but this is very encouraging. I didn't like the casting of a pop star, as I dislike 'stunt casting' but your recommendation makes me want to see it very much.

sallyhicks said...

This sounds most promising will have to wait till it is released on tv. I believe Bob the Street cat is out now so will see if I can get it. Christchurch has an amazing shop called Alice in Videoland . They have every film you can imagine and post all over NZ. They even enclose a prepaid envelope for a $5 return. I really recommend that.