Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Crater's Edge - Michal Gierdroyc

In the second world war, Michal Giedroyc and his families fortunes were to change as the Russians took over their Polish village.  As a wealthy landowner,senator and jud his father was taken away by the Russian Secret Service, and his mother and 10 year old Michal and his sisters were put into a train and sent to Siberia for forced labor and starvation rations.

Eventually they went onto Persia, Beirut and ending up in the UK.  It is hard to imagine 10 year olds surviving such conditions and hardships and being able to start a new life from nothing. 3/5


sallyhicks said...

Truly awful. Have you watched The Pianist ? I think it is on utube.

John Bellen said...

The Soviets were no better than the Nazis in their treatment of conquered peoples, and just as bad to their citizens.