Friday, January 12, 2018

The Sky Below - Scott Parazynski

This is one of those memoirs that leaves you wondering what you have achieved with your own life as it is a chapter after chapter of personal successes.  Scott Parazynski writes about various times in his life and career with NASA. From  growing up in various hotspots around the world, to being a young doctor spending his weekends climbing rocks and mountains the author seems to excel in most things he attempts.  He  attended a winter Olympics supporting a Philippine sportsman who he had trained with while trying to get his own spot.  It was however his childhood dream to become an Astronaut that he thinks about most, and he was able to achieve this, flying on several space shuttle missions and doing a spacewalk while making a repair to a solar shield.

Returning to earth he then had a personal mission to climb Mount Everest, which  I get is quite the achievement, but couldn't help but think it must have taken a lot of time away from his family.  He doesn't talk a lot about his personal life, except when his first marriage crumbled .  Luckily he was able to meet his second wife and travel in a new role to Antarctica with her. 4/5


sallyhicks said...

This makes me feel my dreams were so minor and yet to me they fulfilled me . I am not that adventurous.

John Bellen said...

It sounds like he's done a lot, but is rather restless. Perhaps that's the secret to some people's success.