Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Last Girl - Nadia Murad

This is a book everyone should read.  Nadia Murad tells her story of growing up in a poor Yazidi family in rural Nothern Iraq, where she lives with her family.  The arrival of the Islamic State with fighters seeking to wipe out the Yazidi community.  Men and women are murdered and the young women and girls are taken to be used as sexual slaves, to be bought and sold for as little as $20.

This is shocking stuff - so sad and hard to believe that this has happened within the past few years, that this is the reality for many girls and women.  Nadia was able to indure unimaginable abuse and was able to finally escape to return to her family.  To then stand up and tell her story is another remarkable feat - a modern hero. 5/5

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John Bellen said...

This is why the boast of 'never again', created in the wake of the Jewish Holocaust, has become a mockery of humanity. Cambodia in the 1970s, Rwanda and Bosnia in the 1990s, and now Syria and Iraq. Token efforts are made to fight such evil but really too few care.